Next generation of biologics

For the last five years, we have developed our own recombinant-protein products which have now reached the preclinical evaluation phase. To reach our goals, we have set-up a proprietary methodology allowing us to develop a rational design approach and to create and design new protein entities, with new configurations.

a leading driver for the development of the next generation of biologics

  • We provide customized engineered derivatives or chimeric recombinant proteins design (e.g. Antibody derivatives: Fab, Fab’2, ScFv; Fc fusion proteins; ExtraCellular Matrix-like proteins; «PEGylation »).
  • Featured engineering: using a rational design approach we propose the conception of new engineered proteins using our own proprietary methodology and process leading to engineered proteins with improved properties: extended half-life, affinity, stability, new functions…

Next generation of biologic

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