Engicare® presents its activities for the development of Biomolecules

 During a press conference held at the regional anticancer center Centre régional de lutte contre le cancer Georges François Leclerc at Dijon, the main actors of Engicare plateform platform met on Friday, June 28th to present their activities: <http://www.vootv.fr/video.php?key=gT4nbTyahk> This meeting was the opportunity to present Engicare’s platform and reminded the stakes issues for the development of biomolecules. Dr. David Vandroux, CEO of NVH Medicinal and Professor Pierre Fumoleau, General Manager of CGFL, highlighted the importance of using translational research tools (including imaging) in drug development. These tools are available through Engicare services and allow to accelerate the development of biomolecules.

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