Biological activity studies

Based on the experience of our technical and scientific teams, we offer a wide-range of biological assays ranging from ligand-binding assays to in vivobiodistribution. We can also implement custom bioassays upon demand.

In vitro ligand-binding activity (Kd, Bmax, …)

  • Custom-tailored ELISA assays
  • Large panel of cell lines and tissues
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (Biacore and SPRi)
  • Surface expression analysis (FACS)
  • Stable isotope or fluorescence labeling

In vitro immunogenicity risk assessment

  • Human lymphocyte proliferation assays
  • Human dendritic-cell based assays
  • Cytokines release assays
  • Neutrophil and macrophage function assays (FACS)

In vitro assessment of bioactivity

  • Cell attachment, differenciation and proliferation assays
  •  Custom-tailored cell-based models
  •  Toxicity assays: Cell viability measurement: MTT, LDH, methylene blue, crystal violet ; Cell death assays: early and late apoptosis (FACS)

In vivo pharmacokinetics and biodistribution

  • In vivo target validation
  • Route of administration studies (IV, SC, PO, IP, IM,…)
  • Multi-organs counting and imaging

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