Who we are

A leading partner in the field of recombinant proteins

  • Engicare® is an innovative integrated platform born from the collaboration between NVH Medicinal®, a biotech company with a strong expertise in protein engineering and bioproduction and the preclinical imaging platform of the cancer center Georges-François Leclerc, both with robust skills in biological in vitro / in vivo studies.
  •  We gathered our expertises to provide our clients with a wide-range of advanced customized research services, from protein conception to biological validation (activity and efficacy).
  • Through our own R&D, we have acquired tremendous knowledge and know-how in the field of recombinant proteins development. NVH medicinal® has developed its own engineered recombinant proteins with specific activities for many applications in regenerative medicine and hemostasis areas. CGFL preclinical imaging platform has gained expertise in molecular imaging, a cutting-edge technology which allows the assessment of numerous parameters in a non-invasive, sensitive and longitudinal manner.
  • Moreover, our local partners allow us to enlarge our offer to additional complementary services (chemistry, proteomic, preclinical oncology, preclinical infectiology,…).
  •  The originality of Engicare®’s offer stands on the fact that our clients and partners have access to in vitro / in vivo biological evaluation of their recombinant proteins, in particular with the use of advanced technologies. Indeed, our platform proposes an access to in vivo imaging and nanotechnologies. Moreover, oncological early phases clinical trials could also be proposed on-site.
  •  Therefore, Engicare® facilitates and accelerates the development of your protein-based products by proposing a unified study process covering a large range of expertises from protein conception to clinical trials.
Recombinant Proteins

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