Strategic vision

Engicare®’s vision relies on three facts:

  • The development of its own protein-based products allows our team 1/ to face and solve issues associated with such a development (upstream and downstream processes) and to optimize its own processes, and 2/ to experience a wide variety of techniques in particular for analytical and biological validation of its products. This experience makes Engicare® a partner of choice for its clients since, through our R&D, we have been able to adapt and find solutions to the development of our own recombinant proteins, from its design to its biological validation. One of our objectives is to set up optimized and robust processes for our clients and partners, in particular for difficult-to-produce recombinant proteins.
  • Our implantation in the heart of a healthcare area (teaching hospital, cancer center) makes clinical practice one of our main concern. This location facilitates the maintenance of close relationships with clinical experts in several therapeutic areas (oncology, cardiology, infectiology, hemostasis, nuclear medicine…). Engicare® can thus offer the access to clinical advisors and key opinion leaders to validate the relevancy of a development strategy. In this context, our vision consists in guiding our clients and partners in their biomolecule development to fill unmet medical / diagnostic needs with a constant view on clinical practice.
  • Our vision is translational from preclinical to clinical and conversely. Engicare®’s modern vision of translational research allows to return from clinical to basic research for further mechanistic insight or for more specific companion biomarkers development (reverse translational research). This approach allows to always consider the patient as an end-target with the goal to provide the patient with more personalized medicine. To attain this objective, Engicare® proposes an access to advanced translational tools such as last-generation preclinical / clinical imaging systems.

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