Located in Dijon, France, Engicare® is a new and integrated platform providing its clients with a wide-range of advanced customized research services, from protein conception to biological validation. Engicare®’s goal is to become a leading partner in the field of recombinant proteins. Relying on a great synergy between multidisciplinary experts, Engicare® offers complementary skills and know-how of a highly-trained and dedicated technical and scientific team working in close relationships with healthcare professionals. Engicare® combines robust and mature bioproduction processes with recent cutting-edge technologies such as in vivo imaging and nanotechnology. This complementary and unique approach will facilitate and accelerate the development of your protein-based products in the rapidly growing market of genetically-engineered proteins.

Protein engineering
Biological validation
Biological efficacy

A unique and differentiated commercial offer to speed-up the development of recombinant protein-based products


Engicare® events

Engicare®  delegates will be present:

  • at the next imaging B4B-connexion event: 23rd and 24th October, 2013
  • at the next BIO-Europe in Vienna: 4th November to 6th [...]

Engicare® presents its activities for the development of Biomolecules

 During a press conference held at the regional anticancer center Centre régional de lutte contre le cancer Georges François Leclerc at Dijon, the main actors [...]

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